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on SA’s City
Bond Proposals

76% of the bonds fund drainage, streets, sidewalks and parks

From eliminating low water crossings to repairing the streets in most need, while adding sidewalks, turn lanes to keep traffic moving, and improving parks.


The bonds improve public safety

Adding a police substation and new fire stations, while increasing traffic safety and improving our city’s resiliency to flooding and extreme weather.


The bonds help essential workers with the rising cost of housing

Priority is for funding repairs to help low-income families stay in their homes, but the bonds also expand housing supply to help the growing number of residents, including essential workers, who lack housing options that meet their budget. 


The bonds are community led
and community driven

Over 160 volunteer citizens stepped up to steward five bond committees and held 20 public meetings with neighborhood groups, area businesses, and concerned citizens, making the difficult choices to prioritize needs.


No New Taxes

The city bonds will be paid for with no new taxes. The amount was designed to be covered by the general budget and maintain the city’s stellar bond rating.


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