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Library and Cultural Facilities

Carver Branch Library Renovation 


Renovate, improve, and expand Carver Branch Library. 


Central Library Renovation 


Renovate and improve the Central Library. This is a multi-phased project. 


City-Owned Cultural Facilities Improvements


Improve and rehabilitate municipal cultural facilities. Facility upgrades to improve the condition, increase sustainability, and extend the lifecycle of city facilities and building systems. Facilities may include Spanish Governor’s Palace, San Antonio Records and Archives, International Center and other City facilities. 

Ella Austin Community Center Renovation LF 


Renovate the Ella Austin Community Center Campus to include building envelopes, interior modifications, upgrades to major building systems, and site improvements. Additional funding will be leveraged from Inner City Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone funds (TIRZ). 

Las Palmas Branch Library Renovation & Adjacent Exterior Improvements 


Renovate and improve the Las Palmas Branch Library and adjacent public gathering plazas/spaces in support of a unified campus based on the Las Palmas Westside Strategic Area Study. This is a multi-phased project. 


Magik Theater Renovation 


Renovate and improve building envelope, major building systems, and interior renovations. 


Tower of Americas Improvements 


Renovate the iconic Hemisfair 1968 Tower of Americas structure to modernize major building systems, improve the facility condition, and extend the structure’s life cycle.

World Heritage Center Phase 2 Improvements 


Develop the World Heritage Center located at the Mission Marquee Plaza to include enhancements to existing structures, expanded parking, comprehensive campus signage package, and construction of an outdoor open air pavilion. This is a multi-phased project. 


Public Art 


Provide for the construction, improvement and installation of public art that is accessible to the general public, within the city limits, related to projects in the proposition and in accordance with City Council adopted policies and procedures. 

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